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Yasmin Cook- Blacknight
A mutate with the ability to create and manipulate dark energy in a variety of different ways, including forming blade weapons and making herself invisible. She was born in the Yellowstone prison camp but was moved to a specialized camp when her powers surfaced. She joined V2 when they liberated the camp. She is a lesbian and has a crush on Rachael White (Whitelight) but her feelings are not reciprocated.

Lucy Moore- Dusk
A mutate born with blue skin and hyper agility and minor telepathy. She was given up by her parents as a baby and taken to a government controlled prison camp for super-powered individuals. When V2 liberated the camp, she accepted their offer to join them. She is in a relationship with Cainan Rush (Copy-cat) and is also aware of the attentions of Joey Thomas (Metalhead) and frequently teases him about it.

Cainan Rush- Copy-Cat
The youngest child of James Rush and Megan Hart, and the brother of Chris and Kari. Unlike his siblings, who inherited their fathers powers, he inherited his mothers mimicry powers, but to a much greater extent. He can mimic the appearance of any humanoid or non-humanoid animal as well as having the ability to copy the powers of others and take on the properties of any inorganic substance he touches. He is in a romantic relationship with Lucy Moore (Dusk).

A mutate with an almost instantaneous healing factor, super fighting skills and the ability to mimic others powers. Very little is known about his past, prior to his capture whilst trying to single handedly liberate the Yellowstone prison camp. He is a fierce fighter and a very astute tactician; something with has impressed Chris Rush (Paladin). Even though he has only been a member of the team for a very short time, Strider has effectively become second in command, a fact that has caused tension between him and Davey Stone (Void).

Fredrick Hanerman- Antaeus
The illegitimate son of the Protectors villain The Freak, he was abandoned by his mother as a baby. The Protectors took custody of him for a short time, as his father was in jail, before he was adopted by Fredrick Hanerman. During his teens, he started to develop similar powers to his father, which prompted the government to attempt to take him into custody. Fredrick escaped but his adopted father was killed. Fredrick then joined V2, in order to extract revenge on the government. He is super strong and practically invulnerable as long as his feet are in contact with the ground, like his mythological name-sake.

Chris Rush- Paladin
The oldest of the Rush children and the leader of the V2 team. He has inherited his fathers powers, thus having energy manipulating abilities that give him super strength and speed, as well as the ability to fly. He is fiercely protective of his siblings and initially distrusted Strider, due to the affection his sister showed for him. However he has come to respect Strider's fighting and tactical ability. He is very insecure about his ability to lead V2 and often defers to Strider or Davey in battle. However, he can often make very difficult decisions, ones that may put the team at risk, for the greater good. He has a fractious relationship with Rachael White (Whitelight).

David (Davey) Stone- Void
The son of Scott Stone and Angel Jacobson. He has a mixture of his parents powers, inheriting his strength, fighting skills and flying ability from his mother, whilst his plasma controlling ability was inherited from his father. However, due to an attack on his mother by Magroth whilst she was pregnant, his powers are more demonic than either of his parents and highly unstable. He and Jennifer Davis (Fade) are engaged in a rocky romance, mostly due to her paranoia about his affection for her cousin, Kari.

Joey Thomas- Metalhead
A mutate born with the ability to become an organic metal. His powers tend to "switch on" at times of great emotional stress, often with out his knowledge or desire. Prior to his powers, he was a street thief in Emerson. He was captured by the government when his powers manifested and was being transported to a prison camp when his prison truck was attacked by V2. He willingly joined the team and his thief skills are a constant asset to the team. He has a deep crush on Lucy Moore (Dusk), which she does not reciprocate, even going so far as to tease Joey about his obsession.

Kari Rush- Nemesis
The daughter of James Rush and Megan Hart, the middle child of the three Rush children. She has enhanced strength and speed as well as energy conversion and manipulation and flight, all powers inherited from her father. However, unlike her older brother, Chris, she also inherited some powers from her mother as well, these being minor power mimicry and the ability to change her limbs into blade like weapons. She and Jennifer Davis, her cousin, used to compete for the attention of Davey Stone (Void), however, this has changed with the arrival of Strider, who Kari finds more "fascinating".

Rachael White (Whitelight)
A mutate, distinguishable from birth by her pink hair and white skin. Her ability is to manipulate light and air. Her parents where terminated for speaking out against the government whilst she was still a baby. She was take in by her grandparents, but was taken away from them in her early teens and put into a prison camp for super-powered individuals. The camp was later liberated by V2, and Rachael joined the team. She looks up to Kari Rush, seeing her as a sort of older sister figure, and has a very close relationship with Yasmin Cook (Blacknight), even though she doesn't return the love that her friend seems to have for her. She and Chris Rush have an on-off relationship, not helped by her clingy personality and his insecurities about his ability to lead the team.

A prototype Robohunter, found and reprogrammed by V2 to aid with their camp liberation plans. He is much stronger and more durable than a normal human and is able to fly, like most Robohunters. He is also much smarter than an average human, and with a devastating array of weaponry, he is a very valuable member of the team.

Jennifer Davis- Fade
The cousin of the Rush siblings, Jennifer grew up alongside superheroes. However, due to neither of her parents having powers, it wasn't expected that she would have any powers of her own. However, during her teens, she developed the power to become invisible, prompting a visit from the government. She and her family escaped and found refuge with her cousins in V2. She is an invaluable member of the team, not only for her subterfuge skills, but for her technical genius, having been taught mechanics and computing skills by Mantel and Stinger. She and Kari long competed for the affections of Davey, but since the arrival of Strider, Jen has had Davey all to her self, although she is still wary of any signs of friendship between Davey and Kari.

Aaron Barker- The Speedster
The oldest member of V2, he is super-fast, with the ability to run at nearly 200 mph. He and his family managed to evade capture and imprisonment for a number of years, however they where caught trying to escape to Mexico and separated. He joined V2 when his prison camp was liberated in the hope that they would help him track down his wife and parents.
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